University / Accommodation fees summer term ....are they being frozen /put on hold ?

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Lectures cancelled , campus closed , exams cancelled , when will decisions be made by all University nationwide to stop// freeze University own Accommodation & lecture fees ?? for next term
Uclan stopped accommodation fees last week !
any comments ?
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Royal holloway have told students they are legally obliged to carry on paying their rent in both uni. and private accommodation.
"Lectures cancelled , campus closed , exams cancelled"

I don't know of a single university that has actually (I'm talking in a legal sense) cancelled rather than moved online both lectures and assessments.
Most universities are still functioning - the campuses may be closed, but students are still in accommodation, and supported by University staff.

Many will have moved lectures to either online text, or recorded lectures, so the courses carry on. And for many, 1st and 2nd year results may be based on submitted coursework, but 3rd and 4th years are still having to do exams, and submit dissertations electronically. I presume the normal paper based copies may need to submitted retrospectively, but that may be down to individual institutions.
I think students should be offered the option to either defer their studies until next year, or continue via distance learning.

Lectures based online with tutor support may even improve students ability to adapt and learn in new ways and add to their skillset. It shows the ability to be self driven and adaptive; things employers will be looking for.

I do agree that campus accommodation charges should be paused whilst the campuses are shut.

FYI Open university (distance learning) is no cheaper than a bricks and mortar university.
Not sure why tuition fees should be halted, the vast majority of undergrad teaching has happened and lecturers still need to be paid to assess work, moderate and attend exam boards, as well as carry out research and scholarly activity to keep on top of their subjects.

Accommodation fees on the other hand are tricky, with too many private external companies providing "halls".

And has been stated, online lecturing and support has been implemented almost everywhere, as well as adpating exams and coursework to fit the situation.
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