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Found 4th Jun 2009
Just wondered how university modules marks are calculated to know if you will get a 3rd, 2.2, 2.1 or 1st? Does it depend on the total amount of credits you get? or do you add up all your modules marks and divide them to get a percentage?
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Your mileage may vary, but at the uni I went to, the boundaries were as follows:

1st was 70+ average, 2:1 was 60+, 2:2 was 50+ and 3rd was 40+. Below that was Unclassified. There was also a thing called 'predominance': If your final average was above 67 but less than 70, and more than half of your module scores were over 70, you were awarded a 1st regardless.

edit: oh yeah, and the different years were weighted differently. I did a four year course, and from that, 1st year contributed 0% to my final mark, 2nd year contributed 12.5%, 3rd year 37.5%, and 4th year 50%. So if my averages for 2nd, 3rd and 4th years were 68, 65 and 78, the result would be (8.5 + 24.375 + 39) 71.875.
Every uni is different, alot use the best 60 credits from level 2 and all 120 credits from level 3 but there are exceptions.

Mine for example was the best 60 credits from level 2 but had to include my 30 credit double weighted module + 120 credits from level 3.

Your uni should produce a marking scheme.

X number of X percentages usually means X points and it's the points you need. I needed 71 points from the above formation of 180 credits to get a 2:1, 90 points for a 1st. A 60-65% mark in a 15 credit module was worth 7 points, 66-70% 8 points etc

re credits, you either get them or you don't, if you pass the module you get the credits and you must pass 360 credit to pass a degree.

It depends on the %'s that equate to the points and as such your classification
oh okay i'll have a look to see if I can find my uni's marking scheme but for you both for the info, it helps rep given.

and about the point "re credits, you either get them or you don't, if you pass the module you get the credits and you must pass 360 credit to pass a degree."

in each yr you can only get up to 120 credits and would have to pass every module to get 360...whereas i failed one in 1st yr, but believe i may get 340 credits total...so does this mean i dnt pass my degree? mine is in BSC Computing
ms2005 is right, it varies by University, but they are mostly similar.

You should have a course or level guide that will give the rules in detail and this is likely to be on the website too.

There tend to be 3 broad aspects to determining classification. Firstly, you will generally have to pass a minimum number of units. Usually you will have to pass all units so that you have the required credit points for a degree. In some institutions a fail in the final year might mean you drop a classification, but still get the degree.

In most cases the classification is then determined by the mean mark. 60% for a 2;1, etc as described above, but this is based on various combinations of 1st, 2nd (3rd) and final year work (usually not 1st year work and a heavy weighting towards final year marks).

However many institutions recognise that a student may not achieve the mean for a classification, but on balance might be of that standard. So they have rules like 'where 80 final year credits are in the higher classification, the higher award may be given'. But be careful here because often this rule is at the discretion of the board of examiners and they will look for some other evidence before making a decision (like mitigated circumstances such as illness). It's also common for this rule to only apply if the mean is very close. So really you should consider the mean as the main method for determining classification. In some institutions a viva may be used where a student is very close to a higher classification (usually a 1st).

Exam boards have independent members (from another department) and external examiners (from another university) to ensure that tutors are consistent and objective in applying such rules at boards.
If you progressed from the first year then you have the right number of credits to pass the degree. There will be minimum credit requirements to pass the degree, but I wouldn't think that 1st year unit will make any difference to your final classification.
thanks Paidia!

I am just awaiting one exam result now, to see if I have to retake it or not, but have passed everything else thankfully! lol
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