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Hello I am currently doing my dissertation and i’m in need of some respondants for my questionnaire, the deadline is very soon so any help would be greatly appricated!

If you have used a mobile to purchase clothes and you are under 30yrs please take this 2 minute survey and help a girl out x

Thank you so much for your time…d0h
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Not under 30 or buying clothes on a mobile so can't.

Interested to know what are you using for a Control Group?
Thank you!!
Limited choice of Genders, OP and why the age limit?
Done, good luck
Thanks so much!
Your questions are making a lot of assumptions, for example

"Using a mobile to shop for clothes helps me be more effective."

More effective than what, or at what, and compared to what?

Are you expecting the surveyee to compare it to shopping on a laptop or desktop, or shopping on the high street?

Are you asking about whether they're more effective at finding clothes that they like, or more effective at minimising the time they spend ordering clothes when they know what style they want?

It sounds like it's too late to change the questions and re-poll everyone, You'll just have to think carefully about what you've asked and how people may have interpreted it when drawing your conclusions.
done. good luck!
I would but I don't fit your criteria
I can't as I'm the wrong age group , otherwise I would . Please don't take this the wrong way but have you posted this on forums that you were an existing member of , because I think you might get more responses from somewhere you are already usin . Also have you added it to your own social media so friends can complete it too. My daughter needed 100 responses to two sets of questions for her dissertation and we got about 50% of those from the guys on here, but I think that was probably because I've been a member for a little while and have contributed a bit here and there before asking for help . Which is why I wondered if you might have more luck on sites you had already been active on . I wish you luck though as I assume your deadline is soon.
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