University Results!!! Got yours yet???

Found 26th Jun 2007
Hey folks just thought it would be good to have a thread to eh *cough cough* brag your uni results and if you didn't get the results you wanted then never worry you can get cheered up rightly in here!!! :thumbsup:

I'll start the ball rolling coz i got a 2:1 and i'm over the moon!!! Don't know if any of you guys remember me struggling late at night a few months ago, asking for help when doing my dissertation...well its all done now and turned out great. I am officially now a fully qualified Graphic Designer thank you very much :giggle:


I passed my art and design foundation course, which I'm very pleased about.

Now on to my Fine Art degree!

[SIZE=2]i've got provisional results..[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]its a v. close call between a 2:1 and 2:2[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]either way im happy because i've just finished education (until i start proffesional qualifications)[/SIZE]

upper 2:1 bsc hons in psychology with criminology

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happy days! well done folks

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you being serious muffin247???

doesnt mean people didnt work for it ffs, what a pleb

2006/07 E
C2002 Interm Principles of Economics 1 63
EC2003 Methodology & Diversity in Eco 1 61
EC2006 Bus & Econ in the EU 1 65
EC2007 Social Economics 1 66
EC2102 Glob. Environm. of Bus. 1 70
MG2302 Business Decision Modelling II 1 64

for my 2nd year now if i actually try i will get a first next year so here goes

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couldn't agree more amino...not sure if he was jokin or not though!!.JPG

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No abuse intended but it sounds slightly arrogant sayin that 2:1's are common. They may be common but i am so proud of myself. My gf got a 2:2 and she was so disappointed but i was so proud of her because she put loads of work in. Although you may not have meant it the way you said it but comments like you just made angers the hell out of me. A 2:2 is a GOOD result and she has got the job she wanted straight away, where as i'm still looking.

statistically 50% will get 2:2
25% will get a third or below
about 20% 2:1
the other 5% will get a first

by the way what did you get?

Congratulations to all, well done and may you continue with your success in whatever career you choose.:thumbsup:

Ahh I remember those days, congratulations everyone. Got a 1st myself when I did my Bachelors, followed it up with a Masters and am now doing a PhD (god I feel old now :giggle: ), never realised getting a 1st puts me in the top 5% :oops:. Don't pay any attention to muffin there isn't anything wrong with a Desmond (think about it :giggle:) in fact getting a degree at all is an achievement. :thumbsup:

The only Batchelors I know/heard of is soup :? :giggle: Isn't Masters to do with golf? :?

Only kidding....congrats to everyone!!! :thumbsup:

Got my diploma and Bsc in nursing, one more eight week placement and that will be me. yikes:w00t: God help the NHS!

got mine for my 2nd year today

first semester marks were: 72, 78, 71, 68, 69, 75
second semester marks are: 76, 67, 57, 75, 68, 66
so my average for the year is 70.1666

cant get over how i messed up that exam i got 57 for, well my second semester marks were pretty my fault, i was basically chillin most the time during revision, i just couldn't handle the stress i had half way through my exams in first semester

anyways final year it is, need to devise a new strategy

I failed my degree! Was a few years ago mind!(over 10)

Didn't get past the 1st year... I will admit it taught me a lesson to work harder! so big respect to everyone that did pass - whatever mark you got!
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