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    Just looking to see if anyone can clarify what has to be included as parents' income when applying for grants, loans etc. Gross salary is included. Is building society interest included? How about rental income (unearned) from a property? Benefits eg incapacity benefit? Keep getting different opinions and can't seem to find a definite answer. Would appreciate any genuine help. I can guess the answers but need to know the facts.
    Many thanks for reading and any help given. that may be given.


    Any monies coming into the household, cash from renting a property out is still income and any benefits would be counted as an income. Surely it tells you on the forms.

    Yes, ANY money that your parents will be earning including benefits (any type), rent earnings etc...

    I have just filled in my Daughters and I'm sure it tells you that you need to include ANY income. Good luck

    They want to know about taxable income, so incapacity benefit and rental income count, but not child support or tax credits for example.
    Building society interest is taxable (if its not an ISA) and so should be included.

    Including shares etc.


    Best to look/ask … Best to look/ask here: the HUKD fools.

    You mean the HUKD fools that have actually filled in one of these forms for themselves?


    I've done it twice, would you like a medal?

    No thanks, my cabinet is full and i have chapped lips from blowing my own trumpet too.
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