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Do you know any undergraduate students, aged 18 to 25, to attend a market research about technology at university.

Please forward this email to anyone you know who may fit this profile. If they are interested in taking part, they can use the link below or email us the answers to the screening questions.

It is not possible to reply to this email so use

In addition, it is also helpful if they could register on http//ww…om/. We are also looking for new participants if you have any family or friends who wish to register on the website to receive email notifications of future projects.

DATE: Tuesday 4 February 2020

TIMES: 1pm and 3pm

DURATION: 1.5 hours


LOCATION: London, WC2 (Strand area)

Sorry, but we cannot invite you to participate if anyone in your household works in telecoms, advertising, marketing, market research, PR, journalism.

The research is taking place at a viewing facility and there might be observers behind a one-way mirror. It will also be video recorded and the footage only used for market research purposes.

To apply, please click on the appropriate link below and answer the screening questions which you will need to cut and paste into the dialogue box.

The answers will used to check if they fit the specific criteria for this project. It will be held for up to 6 months, and may be used to contact you about similar future projects. It will be held on a secure server and only passed on to the client company if you are booked to attend and with your permission.


1) Name, telephone number, email address?

2) Which level of education are you currently studying for: (a) undergraduate degree eg BA, BSc; (b) postgrad degree eg masters or PhD; (c) something else?

3) Which best describes your living situation whilst studying at university: (a) living alone; (b) living with parents/family; (c) university accommodation ie halls, or purpose built student accommodation; (d) shared rental?

4) Are you a member of any discount initiatives designed for students, eg UNiDays, Student Beans? If so, which one(s)?

5) Which brand of smartphone do you own?

6) Which academic year are you currently in: (a) first year; (b) second year; (c) third year; (d) fourth year, after a year in industry?


Which academic year are you currently in at university

first year - CLICK HERE

second year - CLICK HERE

final year (third year or fourth if you had a year in industry) - CLICK HERE

Talking Point Market Research Ltd

Tel: 020 3489 4390
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