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Found 28th Jan 2008
I am looking for a cheap and reliable place to buy textbooks for Uni. Just wondering if anyone has a site they use they could tell me about as the University charge a fortune for them and in 3 months I will probably no longer need them.

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best to search ebay for second hand 1s or amazon....most people buy them and hardly use them...like me lol
they are really expensive though, but if you need them.....you need them

Ebay has lots of sellers operating in the gray market - importing cheap international edition books from India, China, etc. These are nearly identical to the books destined for the UK, but are printed on cheaper (and nasty) paper and may have minor differences in prefaces, ISBN numbers. You can do a search on ebay for the ISBN number you are looking for in "Titles and Descriptions" to get quick search results. Abebooks.co.uk also is a good site which has such sellers.
Personally I have no problems purchasing such books - because I look after them so the paper quality is not a problem. Usually you can make a saving of around 50% of the cover price. Watch the postage times and costs though - usually takes a week or so as they come direct from the east.

Hi the best comparison site i have found is bookprice24.co.uk/

The reason it’s so good is that it automatically calculates teh price including delivery - so you don’t get any nasty surprises! Just find the isbn from Amazon or somewhere - cut and paste it in the top and away you go!

Hope this is of some help - enjoy,

What subject are you after?

I'm trying to gather up text books too and the problem is that new editions seem to come out pretty frequently, so any books I can buy form second hand shops are old editions Anyone selling any genetics books let me know!

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It is Law books I need.


It is Law books I need.

Sorry, no law books
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