Posted 11 November 2023

Unknown Christmas Movies

It's that time of year coming up, that we all like to watch some sort of Christmas movie, but there are loads that are set over the festive season, which are never thought as Christmas films.
For instance, Die Hard, not just an amazing action film, but set at Xmas
See how many we can name, that are not obvious Christmas movies

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  1. Wongy111's avatar
    Generally avoid any movies with 'Christmas' with in the title
    like a bit of Burton pointed this out the other day…mas
    never seen it
    themachman's avatar
    Good film that Wongy
  2. themachman's avatar
    My favourite Christmas movie of all time!
    Trading Places! Has the bonus of being a New year movie too
    aLV426's avatar
    Defo I hope the rumours of a remake are just that - look at waht they did to "Coming to America 2"!
    Also worth pointing out that this would not be considered family viewing by today's standards - although they do censor a lot when it's broadcast on TV. (edited)
  3. Russ2626's avatar
    Cool Runnings

  4. grv999's avatar
    Batman Returns
    Ghostbusters II
    themachman's avatar
    Oh yeah Batman returns. My favourite of the series
    Might watch it tonight
  5. aLV426's avatar
  6. lumsdot's avatar
    Bambibear's avatar
    Took my teenage kids to see that years ago, it was a freebie through Sky or something...traumatised them for years
  7. bracey100's avatar
    lethal weapon always watch at xmas
    themachman's avatar
    That's definitely one!
    Jingle bell rock at the beginning
  8. grv999's avatar
    Oh, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Definitely putting that on my Christmas watch list this year.
    themachman's avatar
    Ive never heard of that never mind seen it!
    Is it ok?
  9. themachman's avatar
    Two more
  10. Renoir64's avatar
    LA Confidential (one of my favourite films with an amazing cast).
  11. aLV426's avatar
    On a similar vein - what about Neptunes daughter? There is a scene that show cases a Christmas swimsuit... It's also a musical!
  12. aLV426's avatar
    Also forgot to mention "Neptunes daughter" is the origin of the song "Baby it's cold outside", which has been covered a few times and considered a "Christmas tune"....
  13. aLV426's avatar
    Came back to post Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964) has a Christmas theme near the end (I just watched it).
    I'm watching a lot of older movies as they are a lot better than the recent churned out stuff (I can;t say too much otherwise this post would get deleted!)
  14. summerof76's avatar
    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
    Is that a rude film ???
  15. bozo007's avatar
    Expendables - a main character is named Christmas. Zero thinking required for all 4 parts.
    aLV426's avatar
    Well on that reasoning we may as well include Pearce Broson's James Bond in the 1999 movie The World is Not Enough - as there was a character called Dr. Christmas Jones portrayed Denise Richards....
  16. Wolfout's avatar
    Just copy and paste the tv guide for Christmas 24 and great Christmas channels, loads of movies on there that are set at Christmas but they are basically romance movies that have nothing to do with Christmas.
    themachman's avatar
    I meant decent movies, that you can actually watch. Not that tripe on the Christmas movie channel
  17. Bambibear's avatar
    Anyone seen Violent Night? Watched it last month, much better than I thought.storyline wasn't what I thought either so won't say much about it.
    aLV426's avatar
    Yes - saw it last month as well - All I'll say is Beverly has let herself go!
  18. themachman's avatar
    Some interesting ones there wongy
  19. Wongy111's avatar
    been banned from talking about the cricket

    "We remember Hans Gruber in Die Hard"
    "Satan in Paradise Lost, for example, who sees himself less as the embodiment of all human evil, more a kind of underdog freedom fighter, Che Guevara with hooves."…rgy

    Can't stand the man myself Smith even worse. (edited)
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