Unknown transactions

    Just thought I'd give people a heads up as I had two transactions on my acccount on the 6th June for £30 each taken from my bank account. I've researched it and looks like it is some sort of new scam or something it shows on my statement as Vodafone Cr Card T, I know it isn't Vodafone as I'm with O2. I'm getting my account shut down which is alot of hassel but worth it in the long run. Tried to look into where I have used my card in the recent past but all legit sites Amazon, Play, Paypal the rest ATM so maybe cloned my card or something.

    Anyway just thought I should inform you guys incase anything shows up on your own statements.


    This has been around for a bit unfortunately. See:…ud/

    Know the hassel you are going through and feel for you.

    Last month I had several attempts to use my credit card, fortunately stopped. They did manage to get £650 to pay for car parking in London. CCard have agreed to refund.

    Does seem to be on the increase. Was told they always try and see if they can get away with small sums before going for bigger hauls.

    This happened to my hubby recently all vodafone top ups. Tracked back to one transcation made in Feb

    Had a similar thing over the weekend of the 28th June, a £2 donation to a charity, then £30 Vodafone top ups.

    The credit card fraud department rang me about it as it is a known trick of credit card scams to check the card is still active by processing a charity donation them hitting the card for all it is worth.

    At least the anti-fraud team picked it up at the first attempt to use it.
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