Unlimited broadband over 2mb?

    Im look to replace my tiscali broadband 1mb that i pay £14.99 for a good unlimited broadband service over 2mb.

    Whats the best offer?


    virgin broadband is a pretty good deal, 2mb is only £10 a month for 12 months and then £18 thereafter

    If you have sky, the best deal about is sky Talk(free calls),Surf and See (4 package sky) . All in £26 a month with a wireless connection at 8mb.

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    Also are there any ones that come with a free wireless router?

    I've just moved to Virginmedia from Tiscali & their 2mb is fast. I understand cable is far superior for broadband. They do several packages. I went for the 2 for £20 (phone & broadband with free w/end calls). Someone on another thread said that they are increasing speed to 4mb soon. There is an install charge of £25 & no free router if you want Wifi.
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