unlimited budget for a destop any suggestions

need best components and prices and web locations of where to buy


i'd go for solid granite.

It would help if we knew what you want to do with the computer - the requirements for the ultimate media PC are going to be different from the ultimate gaming machine

Whats a destop?

core i7, 12gig of the fastest DDR3 in 3x 4gb sticks.
raid 5 array of 4x 2tb hard drives + a hot spare
128gb solid state boot drive
30" full HD Dell monitor
2 x HD4890X2s
windows 7 64bit

i'd go for something like that


core i7, 12gig of the fastest DDR3 in 3x 4gb sticks.raid 5 array of 4x … core i7, 12gig of the fastest DDR3 in 3x 4gb sticks.raid 5 array of 4x 2tb hard drives + a hot spare128gb solid state boot drive30" full HD Dell monitor2 x HD4890X2swindows 7 64biti'd go for something like that

That's not bad but why limit yourself to only 12 gig of RAM. Go for something like the Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 and you can have up to 24GB RAM.

Also I wouldnt go for the 30" Dell monitor but my preference would be (and dont forget you said money no object) would be NEC CRV43 curved display. This bad boy would blow the Dell out the water

oh yeah and dont forget for OC you should look at water cooling it all!

Scan do some custom ones - you could start with this and use the Customise button to up the spec...


just checked and apart from a monitor, its already maxxed out - you could always contact them for additional items...

yoyotech they'll build pretty much anything you want if you have the budget

(or i'll do it, for say 10% commision lol)

I've got mine last year from this guys.


They did not have the case (Zalman) or cpu fan (Zalman) that I wanted in stock but I rang them and just mentioned to them what I wanted and they did it all for me (I would have love to do it all myself but I simply don't have the time for all the hassle but this guys build the perfect PC for me). Also the computer came with 3 years.

I had a problem with my hard drive after the year and they simply send me another one over the post. Excellent service.

PS: Just decide what you want and then give them a call and get a quote.

As others have said, what do you need? The Ultimate Gaming Desktop is different to the Ultimate Video Encoding desktop is different to the Ultimate Silent Desktop is different to the Ultimate Low Power desktop. Even if we know what your requirements are things like keyboard, mouse and case are going to be down to personal preference - although I'm sure we can suggest some high-end ones.

As to screen the CRV43 has poor resolution for it's size and the NEC 30" is the best high resolution display. But big screens are only suitible for some things so a top quality 24" (NEC LCD2490WUXi) might suit you better.
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