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Found 11th Dec 2008
Christmas lists for Santa have been prepared
and carol singers are limbering up their vocal
cords, it can only mean one thing -
Christmas is almost upon us!

And, to give you a little festive cheer we've created Thorntons Christmas Curling, which not only gives you hours of finger-hurting pleasure (and frustration), it also gives you the chance to win lots of delicious chocolate prizes from an 'instant win' Chocolate Bauble to A Year of
Thorntons' Chocolate. What could be better?

Play the game now and get your name on
the leader board. Be warned though - it's


i had one go then got service unavailable me think i broke it!!!

Original Poster

I just keep getting a 25% off voucher

400 points

:cry: its broken

:thumbsup: its working lol

won a bauble but don't have printer to print the voucher:cry: good little game though!! thanks:-D

oh now im addicted, i blame the op

Just got a score of 798 and still didn't get on the leader board! Going to Huff all day, at least i won a voucher for a free chocolate bauble!

:x managed to get the three pucks in the middle and got 300, went on to the extra game, I got in the middle to get the extra 500 points, heart pounding in my chest, 800 points, thought to my self I have to be on the leader board, you can't get any higher than 800, but alas no:x:x:x!!! I'm going to go into Thortons and claim my free bauble, then throw it to the floor,jump all over it and have a big huffy fit! or I might just eat it and leave quietly!

Just wen't back onto the Thorton's site to curse at it, and noticed that I was now on the leader board near the top :oops: and :w00t:, I think my mum thought I had one the lottery I was jumping around so much, so there still some chocolate hampers to play for!!!

thanks won a bauble!

Just got an email from thorntons saying there was a discrepancy with my result. No other info, and they have taken me off the leader board! :x Emailed them back, to ask about the discrepancy, but so far no reply. Not a happy bunny!
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