Unlimited Free 1 Month Trials! [XBOX 360]

    In this forum I will be teaching you how to make free xbox live 1 month accounts after youve made 3 on your xbox 360 and it wont let you make anymore.

    1)plug in a usb flash drive into your xbox 360
    2)Go to My Xbox
    3)System Settings
    5)Format your USB to the box style, by clicking on it and then it will ask you to format it
    6)Sign out of your account
    7)Create new Account
    8)When it asks you on which memory device to save the account click the MU memory device
    9)When finished creating account it will say you are eligible for a free 1month account


    WTF is dis real.

    Original Poster

    Yes.. you have to create another account tho.

    brb tryin this

    doesnt work.

    having to make a new account each time is a BIG no no for me even if it is free



    Are you that poor you relie on free trials?
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