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So I'm trying to look for a decent sim only deal that just gives me Unlimited Minutes and nothing else (because I don't need anything else) and I recently found out that Sky Mobile were offering Unlimited minutes free to Sky customers. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that you have to buy a data plan first to get those minutes. XP

Try as I might I just can't seem to find a decent Unlimited Minutes plan that doesn't come with expensive data (and doesn't use Three's network which is terrible in my area). I can't help but wonder why this seems to be such an impossible ask though. Maybe this is a silly question but am I really such a narrow market or are there other reasons why mobile network companies don't want to offer plans based on calling?


I think there isn't much demand for such a tariff as many people get round the problem with stuff like WhatsApp (unlimited data comes in handy there)

Have you looked on uswitch?

there ain't any I think but how many minutes do u need and is it to paticular people u need call if so u maybe better off getting 2 sim on pay and go from some networks whom allow free calls to same network otherwise plus need do 2000 mins for 7.50 or there's pay as you go talk mobile I think it's called costs 10p for upto 1 hour of call.

Try three mobile £10 p.m ( With cash back £8 p.m.)12 months contract which gives unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 4gb internet…ion it has 100MB of data but unlimited min/texts £8, 30 day contract, resells Three with 4G access.

15% off first month, promo code: W2T15 = £6.80

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Unlim EE mins effectively £6.99/month if you are OK with £17.99/m and cashback via redemption lowering the equiv monthly cost. Various EE options available. Example via mobilephonesdirect. Further £10+ cashback opportunity via TCB.

It's not about 'plans based on calling' - it's that people don't just call anymore - you're an *incredible* minority in *only* wanting calls - most people who might only call, such as some elderly people who aren't tech savvy, will just use a pay as you go SIM and probably wouldn't need unlimited minutes as they are likely to still have a landline. Businesses don't just want minutes these days as they often communicate via email or even VOIP.

So although your need for just minutes is legitimate, your use-case is so rare that you will probably just have to buy a contract with data included. In a similar way, many broadband customers have absolutely no interest in using a phone line but are forced to pay for one, just because that's how things are.

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Thanks for the responses, misterleoni and waynester. Unfortunately everyone else was a bit off the mark but I appreciate the help.
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