Unlimited Texts On Pay As You Go

    Hi All,

    I am looking for a PAYG £10 per month topup deal that gives unlimited texts for my son, they all seem to have dissapeared!

    Any help tracking one down will be appreciated



    don't the giffgaff goodybags give unlimited texts for a tenner? plus if you ask for a simcard through an existing member you (and they) get a fivers credit free when you top up for the first time.

    yep go giffgaff, couldnt be more highly reccomended, youll get unltd texts, 1gb internet and 150mins for £10, it works based on top up so you cannot excede and be charged a riddiculous amount

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    Thanks, have just ordered a free sim, any idea what network it runs on? I have an old t-mobile phone dont thinks its unlocked though...

    gifgaff is owned by and runs on the o2 network.

    dosent o2 still do the same thing
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