Unlimited Wii Downloads.

Having just taken advantage of the Blockbuster Wii deal (and realised how much the games actually cost!!) I found this:

Can anyone tell me anything about this bearing in mind I know NOTHING about Wiis.
Is this legal downloading or is it something dodgy?


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Today, there are 240 million users trading on legal file-sharing networks. Sharing is not illegal as long as you obey all relevant copyright laws. using P2P programs to download and distribute copy righted music, movies and games without permission is illegal. Purchasing a membership in unlimitedwiidownloads.com does not give you license to download and distribute copyrighted material.

unlimitedwiidownloads.com does not condone piracy or breaking copyright laws. The sharing tools available on through our members area are powerful search tools & we recommend that you use your discretion when downloading files.

Original works of authorship, including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain intellectual compositions are protected by copyright law. If a person publicly performs, reproduces, distributes copies, or displays works without consent of the copyright owner could be in violation of the law. Go to loc.gov/cop…ht/ and learn more about U.S. copyright law. Purchasing a membership of Unlimitedwiidownloads.com does not give you license to download or upload copyright material. unlimitedwiidownloads.com implores you to respect copyright laws and share responsibly.

How can I stay legal? Stay legal and avoid breaking the law. Quick steps to stay legal:

1.Make sure there are no potentially infringing files in your shared folders - meaning only files that are in the public domain, for which you have permission to share or are available under pro-sharing licenses.
2.Disable the "sharing" or "uploading" features on your search program to prevent other users on the network from getting copies of files on your computer. Companies are focused on finding people who share thousands of files on their computers with the rest of the community. If you don't share - you reduce the risk.

It's a scam. Anything redistributing commercial software for free is a scam.

Its a scam, you are basically paying for access to files that are already on torrent/newsgroup sites for free.

Its a scam, you are basically paying for access to files that are already … Its a scam, you are basically paying for access to files that are already on torrent/newsgroup sites for free.

yup - either stay legal and buy retail\2nd hand or download illegally but don't get conned into paying for illegal downloads :-o

Original Poster

Many thanks - will stay well clear.

Cheers all.

anyone know the pre loader s/w to make the Wii play DVD movies?
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