Unlock code for a Motorola V3i DG on T Mobile

    A m8 sent me his old Moto to tide me over but when I pop in my o2 sim it comes up asking for a 'Subsidy passcode', after a bit of surfing it would appear it was on T Mobile and this is it asking for a code to unlock it from the T Mobile network.

    Motorola v3i DG
    Locked to T Mobile [uk]
    IMIE # 352226010930431

    Anybody that can generate one feel free :o)

    I know you get sites doing it for the likes of £2.99 but I've already lost money that way for a duff code, once bitten,


    Hard phones to unlock, only fre way is testpoint method as far as I know... v. v. risky IMO.

    Ring T-mobile (or ask your mate to ring em) ask them for the code (carriers usually give you the unlock codes free these days)

    Or... pay one of those unlock sites with a money back guarantee ...again I guess this is still risky option from your experience

    Or... Do the Testpoint unlock...not for the faint hearted.

    Last option, most towns have a mobile phone shop that can provide the service.

    Original Poster

    Ok mate thanks for the reply, having just watched a youtube tespoint vid I'll get the mate to ring up t. mobile lol…-jo

    lol...wise choice!

    Original Poster

    £3 on ebay saved the day, at least this guy came up with the goods :thumbsup:

    sweet, nice one...tis a nice phone that survives the test of time imo like the 8800s and stuff , enjoy!
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