unlock code for nokia E65

    hi was wondering if anyone knows were i can get an unlock code for the above nokia e65. I know there is the option of a turbo sim, but already have 1, site was kindly givwn by jtx (i think)

    so a free site or anyone have any idea or knowledge.

    thanx guys


    There are no free codes availiable for the E65 via the free unlocking web sites.

    If the phone is on a voda contract they will provide the code for free, if it is not already unlocked. O2 contract phones are supplied already unlocked.

    3 will only provide you the code at the end of your contract and will charge you £15-00 and you must be the origional registered owner.

    Orange will charge you £19-99 for the unlock code, but not sure when they will give you the code, it used to be upon request, but not to sure if they have recently changed their policy on this.

    Some of the other network will provide the code for free when you have spent a certain amount of money on top ups like Virgin I think is £35-00.

    It may well be worth staying with the turbo sim or trying a local phone shop or market stall, where in my area they seem to be charging around £20-00 depending on the phone model and make.


    The phone can be unlocked via testpoint, however try your network first as suggested above as they may be cheaper...

    Its a difficult testpoint on these handsets so most places will charge £15-25 however if you find somewhere that does it cheap, dont be suprised if you end up with a dead phone, lol.

    Original Poster

    thanx guys rep added for both............thanx more info from other members still appreciated REP will be given.


    Can you explain wat testpoint is please as i have just aquired a E65 which is on 3, and reading your posts it looks like i got a bit of a problem unlocking it, any help i would appreciate plsss:oops:


    Unlocking through testpoint, involves taking the phone apart and using specialist equipment connected to the handset in order to unlock, part of the unlock process involves connecting fine needles to those two points in the picture... Those points are under a chip on the handset which is why the N73, N80, E65 and a few others are difficult to do, others such as the 6300 etc also are unlocked in the same way however the position of the tespoints are much much easier furthermore the equipment doesnt usually support every software version of these phones, so the phone first has to be flashed to a supported firmware version before attempting the unlock

    thanks for your reply.........i must say im clueless, so i will sell it on i think to someone who wants the 3 network...........then buy another one with the correct network :thumbsup:
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