Unlock info for iPhone on Vodafone

    I have submitted a form three times to vodafone to unlock an iPhone I bought, I have a vodafone monthly contract and have used the iPhone on it for some time to establish it on the account but the only contact back has been for them to confirm the phone number.... are they always this vague? I got my O2 one done within days of requesting it. Does anyone know if there is another way of doing other than paying the stupid money some ask for it...cheers


    dude, JUST PHONE THEM UP!!!!

    they will tell you over the phone if it can be unlocked by the IMEI number.

    If it can, they will charge u 19.99 and it will be done in upto 3 days.

    end of!


    If you have an iphone 4 I doubt that you will get it. I think apple or Vodafone have a policy of not unlocking the Iphone 4 until the end of the contract or something like that. My friend was so **** off as he wanted his wife to keep his Iphone 4 but had no luck from vodafone

    yep, listen to all the stories, but at the end of the day PHONE THEM AND ASK!!!!!!

    i did after months of worrying, looking at sites saying it will be 80 quid... other people saying voda wont do it if someone else owned it (i bought it as someone elses upgrade!!)

    they still did it...

    PHONE EM! if they say no, then at least you know.
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