Unlock Nokia X6 16GB

    Hi there,
    I have bought a Nokia X6 off Ebay locked on Virgin. The item was listed as an unwanted upgrade.

    I have an account and a Virgin number registered on Virgin website, as I understood you need one in order to get your phone unlocked. I even even made a 5 pound top up.

    I can not call 789, as Virgin has no roaming in the country I'm residing, Republic of Moldova.
    Also, just found out that the owner of the phone, dropped the contract with Virgin after some 3 months, and put the phone on Ebay.
    Will the Virgin company unlock it , if it was bought from ebay, and the contract was dropped after 3 months ?

    Also I'm ready to pay, if someone could call Virgin and get that unlocking code
    Thank you in advance


    **** son

    Original Poster

    Hugh Jass!

    **** son


    How To Unlock Nokia X6

    1. Power on your Nokia cell phone with an unaccepted SIM card in (or sometimes no SIM card at all works).
    2. Type #PW+Unlock Code+1 (Where Unlock Code is your 8-digit Nokia unlock code)
    3. Now verify your Nokia unlock code was typed correctly
    4. Finish by typing #
    5. If worked phone should say “SIM Restriction Off”

    PPG kindly received
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