Unlock o2 Pay and Go phone

    Any one know a number to call to get it unlocked like you can do with vodafone ?



    You'd probably be better off taking it into a shop that does it. Usually cost's about £8 & takes about 5 minutes

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    hmm could do or just buy a £10 phone on the network my sim is on

    Thanks anyway

    Just i got my vodafone phone unlocked free by vodafone, just wondered if o2 did it

    o2 dont do a free unlock. what phone is it?

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    its my mums k800 that she dont use but i wanna keep my sim card so ill give the k800 and ill buy a new one


    google is your friend



    K800 can be done for free yourself easily.

    sorry can you explain how can be done? because i was going to get mine done at mobile shop, thanks.
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