Unlock samsung d500?

Found 29th Jun 2006
Just got one for my son.
Can anyone give me some advice how to unlock this so i can use a different sim card please?
Or do i have to take it to a specialist and get it done?
Thanks for any pointers gang
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Anyone please?
I think you need to take it to someone with a cable for unlocking as far as I know. Duckmagicuk2 probably has the answer.
I've tried googling it, but there is just too much info available, and I'm unfamiliar with the topic. Sorry I can't help.

I did find one site that unlocks a vodafone one for £18.99 remotely, but that seems a bit dear.
Thanks for the replies ray & emma :wink:
I thought it would need a cable, but some peeps on ebay seem to be seeling codes so i'm not sure.
Hopefully someone who definately knows will shed some light, cheers.
You're welcome

Give duckmagicuk2 a PM he'll know about them I'm sure
What network are you on??
Seems most of the time you need a cable but there is the odd chance where you can use a code. Just need to know what network you are on.
Try typing #*7337# in with no SIM in it when it requests the code. If that doesn't work then you probably need to go down the cable/market trader route.
You can't unlock a D500 using a code. You need a serial data cable and the unlocking software. You can buy these off ebay for about £10. I won't post the link as ebay links aren't allowed, but just search for "samsung serial unlock"
Well I read on a site that can send you a code to unlock it if it's on vodafone...
It's worth trying #*7337# because it seems to be a "general" code, but it doesn't always work. Worth a shot though.
The phone is on orange. I'll try the code, thanks for the replies peeps
Put a non-accepted Simcard and turn it on. Type *#9998*3323#. Press Exit. You will get a new menu. Select Malloc Fail.
or #*7337# for new phones
If your still stuck my father unlocks Samsung phones, he has a clip hire service that he works via ebay, obviously you can't put eBay links on here but just search on eBay for seller dinepet and then search his items for sale, he will have some listings for Samsung clip hire service, he sends the clip out to you along with a prepaid return address envelope. I think the cost is less than a fiver and he can unlock any Samsung I think. All you do is put the clip on the bottom of your phone, wait a few seconds then remove it and bingo, your phone will work for any newtwork. He includes all instructions anyway so you can't go wrong.

Worth a try if your stuck.

with the samsung D500, unlocking it via serial cable will not give you full functionality, for using other network providors.

with the samsung D500, the mobile networks have customised the phones firmware to be compatible with its network only. I have 5 members in my house who all have samsung D500. I had to upgrade the phones firmware to a non-customised version then unlock it using a serial cable.

Takes about 1 hour to flash the firmware, but it is well worth it.

If you need to find out about the cable, PM me.

The software is called winimei and you need a POWERED cable (serial cable with battery terminals) but to be honest the clip rental sound good

WinImei is good mate, i use this to unlock my d500, d600 & d800 also. the serial cable uses a 9v battery, the chunky box type.
Thanks for the advice peeps. Could'nt get any of the codes to work so am going to get the clip rental off ebay tomorrow. £4 seems very reasonable to me, and better than paying local market trader £10 for a few mins work.
Big thanks to you all
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