Posted 15th Dec 2019
Long story short, I brought what I was told was an unlocked iPhone 11 from Best Buy in Austin (I have the receipt etc). Got back to the UK to try and use it and it would not work with Vodafone.
Contacted Best Buy and they said unless I bring it back to the store within 14 days then there is nothing they can do (even though it was not want I asked for and it also turned out to be locked to AT&T and have a number assigned to it - again not what I asked).
I took it to an apple store and all they could do was tell me it was locked to AT&T and nothing they could do (even when I showed them proof of ownership etc).
I went into AT&T on a recent work trip to the USA (about 2 months after I brought the phone and to a different part of the USA) who tried to help and submitted an unlock request but I have had an email to say this has failed and no reason why.

Anyone have any suggestions what I can do? At the moment I have an expensive paperweight
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