Unlock w580i (on orange)

    Can't find anywhere good to do it..

    is there any way to remote unlock this for free... or to unlock with the cable provided??

    this website seems to say it can do it but i cant make heads or tales of it...…%5C

    any help...


    no free way for any sony ericssons

    SEtool2lite cannot unlock phones, only the full paid for version can.

    ]Davinciteam can unlock the w580. im not sure how much davinciteam charge though.

    it would be safer to get the code from orange

    Original Poster

    whats the cheapest way to get this done.. how much will its cost...

    network charges 15-20 pounds i think orange charges 20

    its going to be about £35+ if you go through Orange because it uses CDI 52

    its 20 pounds orange direct mate 100% through network.

    Orange wont unlock their phones until you have registered it & owned it for 3 months

    yup theyve changed the rules i just rang to unlock a fone.

    I dont know where you are, but i got mine done by a guy in the
    Harvey Shopping Centre, Harlow, Essex. Cost = £25.00.

    He needed the phone for 10 - 15 mins to download the data or something, then 2 days later. Take the phone back & he'll unlock it.

    Thats the only way that i have found for it to be done.

    Is there anyway to get this phone unlocked on O2?

    Over here we have a guy on the market that unlocks most phones for no more than £10.

    It's brilliant.


    sony eric network disgrace stop locking phones and making out they are more expensive than they are.

    Pity they don't put as much energy into firmware and apps that work instead of all the nonsense security.

    best of buying phone on your choice of network and make a point of not parting with your money until you get the net and phone of your choice and walk out of shop that does not have what you want instead of settling for diff network/ phone etc
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