Unlocked Blackberry + Three SIM = Win?

    Hi there,

    I wondered if anyone here had successfully matched an unlocked Blackberry with a Three SIM card, and found a way to use Blackberry's data service?

    Three now offer a Blackberry data plan but I'm not sure if it's exclusive to people who have ordered Blackberry's from them, or whether I can get the add-on as a non-Blackberry customer?…rry


    I am sure you can just ring 3 up and ask them to add the blackberry bundle - You will probably have to pay extra for it.

    I recently got myself the bb 8900 - rang O2 and asked them to add Bb bumdle - cost an extra £10 a month but gives me unlimited internet and a bb account to receive push emails and bb enterprise emails...

    Hope this helps...

    Original Poster

    Okay, dude, thanks for the info.

    It definitely feels like it should be that easy, but the Blackberry service is on the Business Plan so I'm not sure how antsy they'll get about it all. I guess the only way to find out would be to ask.

    Yeah, be careful, if you use a BB without the BIS addon you'll get a heck of a bill for data at the end of the first month.

    hey...just wondering if you ever sorted out asking three to add the blackberry data package to your account, as i'm planning on doing the same thing myself...
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