Unlocked IPhone - Exactly what can it do?

    I'm tempted by the offer and have read through reams of posts. But can someone list what features will and won't work if I buy the iphone and then unlock it to use my Vodafone PAYG sim card in please? It would be most appreciated!!! I can't afford the O2 monthly rate so want to use my existing Voda PAYG sim.


    the only thing that wont work is the visual voicemail

    Once unlocked, Some features such as YouTube may not work but using installer you can patch ths problems easily. On some unlocks you have no problems.

    it will do exactly what all the other phones on the market do, but if you are near a wifi hotspot that you can get on for free, the web browser is one of the best.

    no video calling as no 3g support, but if you are on payngo i doubt you do much else but talk and text anyways.. get an iphone for the bling, you wont be dissapointed.

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    Lovely - just need to sell my pink unlocked G600 (only 3 weeks old - why couldn't I have waited!!!) and them I'm straight to O2 or CPW!
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