Unlocking 6630 from '3' Network

    Has anyone managed to do this as I want to unlock my 6630 from them. I have tried about 3 diff codes and didn't want to try anymore as I was told that something bad happens ... Anyone successfully unlocked their 6630 from 3? If so, could you please give details on how to do this. Many thanks.


    Hi mate as far as i know these phones cannot yet be unlocked on any network!!! i have a 6680 and it is another one that unlocking software is not yet available for. keep an eye out over at for more info. do not and i repeat do not type in any more codes as your phone will be locked and in need of a re-flash!!! one other option is to get the correct code of 3 themselves.

    Hope that helps

    Original Poster

    ok ...thnx for that ... Its prob best that I wait until a few people have sucessfully got them unlocked.
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