Unlocking a K810i

    Hey all,

    The missus wants me to get a Sony Ericsson K810i unlocked for her.

    I have looked about but cant see any way of unlocking it for free, or am i not looking hard enough?

    Whats the best and cheapest way of doing this? I know there are sites out there that do it but anyone had any experiance with them, i dont wanna get stitched up.

    Any help would be great,



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    Read through a few forums and this guy might do it... Give him a call...

    You'll have to post it to him and he'll send it back.. Its not free, but looks like there are no free unlocks!


    Only two ways. Ask the network its on for the code (10 to 20 quid) or take it to a phone shop, or send it away. It needs to be unlocked with a pc and software. . .

    You nned to download some software like far manger and unlock firmware from websites to get it unlocked (taht's what I did for W300i)
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