Unlocking a LG Viewty KU990 on orange :s

    Hey all, rep waiting for the help.

    I have had a good trawl on google and I cant seem to find the answer. I need to unlock a viewty and wondering if this can be done simply!

    I can see that some places do codes but this wont seem to work I dont think.




    Only 2 ways with these. Call Orange for the code (either 15 or 20 quid, I can't remember) or take it to your local phone shop, should be about a tenner. There are no code for these (that work) apart from the one the networks can get, sorry. . .

    you can also go online and buy some sim cards that should work...

    google TURBO SIM CARD...

    it dont unlock your phone as such, but makes it read other sims.... never tried it myself however.. but somethign worth looking into..

    other than that - what steve1221 said..

    Take it to a shop in town or the market do not pay Orange they are a rip off and take too long and give the wrong codes out

    Just got mine done via usb over internet from fleabay, only a fiver.
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