Unlocking a Nokia 6120c from 3 Mobile UK

    Anyone had any experience having the same model of phone unlocked Nokia 6120c or from dealing with 3 UK to have them provide you with an unlocking code?

    I'm coming up to the end of my 6 month contract with them and want to switch to a cheaper PAYG network. I'd like to switch to ASDA Mobile as they use the Vodfone Network as their backbone which has a really good signal where I live and it's a lot cheaper the the other PAYG networks, at only 8p for Talk (any UK landline or Mobile at anytime of the day) and 4p for UK SMS.

    I've looked at some free unlocking website but they only seem to have the Nokia 6120 or 6120i which I believe are totally different phones.

    Also I have 12 months left to run on a 3 Mobile Broadband 3GB Package which was half price to existing customers on a contract - i.e. 7.50 per month for 3gb - I specifically asked int he store will it still be half price when I cancel my mobile phone contract and was told yes and it would remain at 7.50 per month for as long as I kept paying even after the 18 month contract ended, but I've seen mentioned on another forum that some people have been told once your phone contract ends the price doubles back to normal - anyone know anything about this matter? there is no way I wish to pay 15 pounds a month for 3gb .. I bought my mobile from a shop and went back a few days later and bought the 3gb mobile package and specifically asked all these questions - I take it when an employee and manager tell you something that in UK law is what the company must honour? I've had a lot of hassle cancelling my current contract as 3's system kept saying I was on an 18 month contract until I was able to provide them written proof (i.e. till receipt) that said it was actually only 6 months.

    I really do not want to be with 3 any longer on a contract as I simply don't trust them to know what they are doing.


    ismart sim

    I have is phone aswell and I went to a local unlocking shop and they flashed the phone to non 3 software, it cost me £10. I still use it on 3 but had to get it flashed so it would work on my bluetooth system in my car.
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