Unlocking a phone

    I want to unlock this phone (Moto G5 straight from o2).My sister has a contract with o2 and i need the phone to be unlocked. Can i unlock it for free because she has a contract with them? or does the phone need to be part of the contract or whatever. Also is it OK if i order it in my name.




    Top up £15 (do not use it).

    Go HERE to read up on PAYG unlocking.

    Or, depending on the phone, try ebay.
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    Get your sister to type in the details here it's worked for me before.…orm

    its under£2 to unlock on ebay,Takes a couple of hours

    If you go ebay then message them first, don't pay until you confirm they have the correct code.. Well they say they have it.. Be chasing a refund otherwise.
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