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Found 31st Jan 2011
I have bought a new iphone but its locked to Orange. I want to swap to T-mobile but i've read mixed advice on the web about unlocking Orange phones. Is it true that you have to use it on Orange for 3 months before you can unlock it? Its an iphone 3gs.
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yep - also if you're not the original owner of the iphone they will not unlock it, even though you may have used it for 6 months! You need to ask the original owner to do it for you. I see you say it's a new iphone so hopefully you'll just have the3 month wait!

But aren't Orange and T-mobile now sharing??
only signal sharing
Yes, they share the same network but they're still 2 separate companies. I would like to stay with t-mobile if poss but I may even do that giffgaff thing now i've read about it! I just don't want to be with Orange.
There are a few companies about claiming to unlock Orange iPhones using iTunes but want anything up to £90, whether they work or not I dont know but it may be worth a look, if its an ordinary phone then again there are places that will do it, I have used swift unlocks and they have never let me down. Be careful of the scam sites, do a search before you pay money.

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Thanks for the info. I will make a few enquiries!
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