unlocking a samsung x640

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Found 28th Mar 2006
anyone know the best(cheapest) way of unlocking a samsung x640 thats locked to virgin????????

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I'm no unlocking expert but I don't think you can unlock it yourself like with most of the Nokias.

Virgin will give you the code for free if you've spent £30 with them.

Otherwise the cheapest place is probably a local unlocking shop (the type which sells second hand phones, cases, leads, etc) or a similar thing at your market. £5-£10 is the norm (that's if it's possible to unlock it).

This is the cheapest I have found at £15.00 including returned post:-

I don't think you can unlock it remotely, you will need to send it away.

I have found this at just under £20, they send you an unloclip.

If it requires soldering on the circuit board then it depends on how much you trust your local market-man. He'd probably do it for a few pounds. I asked one guy recently about the Siemens A62 (requires circuit board modifications to unlock) and he said iw would be £6. I just said "oh, okay" and he said "what? is that too much?" so I probably could have got it done for a fiver or less.

As I said earlier, the best bet is to ring Virgin first. They won't bite. In fact if I had a virgin mobile I'd ring them all their customer services all the time because every time I've spoke to them when finding things out for HUKD they've been really friendly guys.

:thumbsup: Good luck.

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thanks to all, there is a fella selling unlock cable & software on ebay for £10.99 inc delivery, but i dont know if i fancy trying it myself

It should be pretty easy I would have thought.

I would stick to a proper company if Virgin cannot do it over the phone.
You may buy the thingy from an ebay seller but you have no guarantee it will work and you could end up loosing your money and damaging your phone.


Virgin will give you the code for free if you've spent £30 with them.

Does that mean £30 in calls duck or on the actual handset?

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If you have spent £30 on credit, they will send you the unlock code for free. Here is an email they have sent me

Hi there,

Thanks for your email to Virgin Mobile about unlocking your phone.

We can do this for you, absolutely free of charge, if you've spent or topped-up with £30 or more in airtime since you've bought your phone. Or, if you've made your first call before the 1st August 2001.

To get the ball rolling, just send us an email and let us know the following info:

* The name and address of the registered owner of the phone
* The make and model of your phone.
* Your Virgin Mobile phone number.
* Your phone's IMEI number - that's the number that appears when you type *#06# into your phone.
* Where did you buy the mobile phone.
* And finally, another number that we can reach you on.

When we have these details we'll be able to send your unlock code to you within 30 days.

OP, Am I missing something here?????
You opening post asked for the cheapest (best) way to unlock your mobile. You have the answer from Virgin don't you?? You can't get better or cheaper than free, can you???

No dino, he might not have spent any money with Virgin so in effect that method would cost £30.


Does that mean £30 in calls duck or on the actual handset?

It means in calls. You don't have to have used all of your £30 though, and you won't lose it if you unlock. I'm not sure if it applies to contracts.

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only got the phone today, if i can get away with not spending my initial 30 notes i,ll be chuffed. Its for my nippers birthday. I got the phone for £39 (£69- £30 voucher from littlewoods) everyone else in the house is on o2, so i could do with changing this one too

Oh I see. :oops:

In that case the fonefunshop link seems to be the best option. £54 still makes it a good price for a decent phone.

Just to confirm what duckmagic was saying.

I happened to be on the phone to virgin customer services today and menchoned unlocking and instantly they informed me that if i had spent £30 on my phone they can order the unlock code for me.

They said that you dont need to have spent the credit, but just put it on your phone.

They provide an unlock code, which is just entered into your phone and it will be unlocked. Virgin hold the unlock codes for all there handsets so if you would like it unlocked any other way that means the company/trader has to over-ride this code, which can be a little dodgy, but is usually straight forward.

Word of warning however, virgin informed me that unlocking the phone, in a way other than contacting themselves is invalidating there warrenty.

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I decided that because the phone is only £39 to have a go at unlocking the phone myself via the lead/software that was on ebay. It came today, and no word of a lie, the phone was unlocked and working within 1 minute of me loading the software. My daughter will be over the moon, The beauty of it all is the software can be used over and over again :thumbsup:

Nice one.
Thanks for the update.
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