Unlocking BB5 mobile?

    Getting an i8910, though it is locked to Orange. How can I unlock it?

    Want to try online unlocking site, just not sure which is reliable.


    I wouldn't trust any of the online dealers (unless someone can recommend one).

    BB5's a problem, a local phone shop would be the best bet, depending on phone model should cost between 10 and 20 quid.

    Original Poster

    Okay. Rather busy lately, and was really hoping for a online solution.


    is the i890 not a samsung?

    i have the same problem with my E71 locked to orange . BB5 can only be unlocked by phone company i have been told !! quoted £20 by orange to unlock

    The 'formula' for BB5 hasn't been cracked yet. So, its either from the network or a phone shop.

    Yes, its a Samsung, the first running Symbian.

    ive had 2x i8910's and both i got unlocked by purchasing them off ebay for about £15
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