Unlocking Blackberry

    Need to unlock Blackberry 8520. I'm sure we have a member on here that does it for free,but can't remember his name ?


    Can get it done for you for a fiver


    Not sure he can do BB's mind you.

    thread on avforums for unlocking bb's

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    I'll check AVForums. I can get it done on ebay for 99p but it takes 24 hours :-/

    Cost only 99p on Ebay

    I used this site the other day to unlock a Bold 9700 for free.

    if you're on vodafone they send you a code for free

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    On Orange,but just paid the 99p on ebay.


    Spitrost.Not sure he can do BB's mind you.

    Yea can do BB including all the new MEPs


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    spit roast

    Yea can do BB including all the new MEPsspitroast

    Got it done on ebay,but will keep you in mind bud,thanks for the offer.
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