unlocking iphone 3gs 4.3.2

    Hi could anybody give me some advice or maybe a link to jailbreak/unlock my iphone (orange)not sure what to do and dont want to break it.Thanks



    I wouldn't unlock it as it'll change your baseband, You wouldn't be able to restore it or update it via itunes as it'll brick your device. Unless they make a baseband downgrader, You'd still be able to restore/update it via unofficial channels though.

    Jailbreaking is easy, Follow the guides.

    If you want to unlock it, I'd recommend to do it officially via Orange.

    Like above said. And if your iphone has warranty and you change the baseband to unlock your warranty will be void,you cannot hide the ipad baseband from apple,you would also lose any gps on the iphone. IMO just get Orange to do it.
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