Unlocking iphone 3GS/3G/2G

From 10 November, the iPhone can be unlocked for O2 customers in the UK.
Pay Monthly customers
Your iPhone can be unlocked at anytime free of charge. If you unlock your handset and place a non-O2 sim into it, you will still have to honour the remainder of the minimum term on your contract.

iPhone Pay & Go customers
For iPhone on Pay & Go, unlocking can take place 12 months after you've bought your iPhone for a one-off £14.69 fee which will be deducted from your airtime balance.
Just goto this link


or just use blackra1n and get it unlocked and jailbroken for free

this is news??


this is news??

It was three weeks ago! :-D

Original Poster

Sorry for the people who already know this.
Just thought it was worth a mention.
Plus Blackra1n has bugs and you have to wait for updates when apple decide to update.
This is official and no bugs.
i know which one i'd rather have.:)
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