Unlocking Iphone 4S locked to Talk Mobile

Found 23rd Jan 2014
Looking to buy an iphone 4s and have found one which is advertised as new but it was bought from Talk Mobile and I need to use a T-Mobile sim in it
Can anyone tell me if an Iphone 4s bought from Talk mobile can be unlocked to be used with a T mobile sim?
thanks in advance
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I think anyphone can be unlocked but the seller might have to ring talk mobile up to get it unlocked and pay a fee, I sold an iphone 4s on orange and I had to pay like 10-15 to get them to unlock it, as once its sold that person then cant unlock it
You could jail break it and unlock that way. But if you ever updated iOS it would just lock again.

Only Talk mobile can do an official unlock, and, like all the networks they'll only do it for the original owner. So you'd need them to ask Talk mobile to start the unlock process...
Thanks for the replies
Thinking about changing network now, do you think a Vodafone sim will work in a talk mobile phone?
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