unlocking mobile phones question


    is it fine to unlock mobile phones? might sound a silly question but someone told me that phones that are under 1 year old there can be problems will?

    is this true?



    If it can be unlocked then there's no legal issues etc. It's your phone.

    Although the networks will charge for an unlocking code if ti's under 12 months, but there's usually another way that the phone can be unlocked.

    What phone do you need to unlock? May be able to point you in the right direction...


    As already mentioned, it is your phone and you can unlock it at will. It is in the interest of the providing network to keep it locked hence their stance.

    I get all my phones unlocked through an ebay seller for 99pence a code.

    Original Poster

    thanks for the replies - its a motorola v3

    Try your local independent shop, see how much they charge.
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