Unlocking N95 8GB

    My sister gave me an N95 8GB as she does not use it, currently locked to orange, they got 2 free with a business contract not long ago

    Can anyone suggest ways of getting it unlocked ?


    try ]here

    Designed to unlock operator locked Nokia phones
    - Simply slide the attachment under your normal SIM card
    - Ultra-thin film-like design minimizes and sometimes avoids the need to cut and trim SIM cards
    - $7.26 delivered from our freinds at dealextreme will take around ten days to arrive and its shipped for free

    one comment shows that it works on the N95

    "Works 100% on (UK) Orange N95-1 with "3", Vodafone and O2 Sims.
    There is no setting up to do on the 'phone. Just insert, switch on and go!"

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    Yeah, was gunna get this but I heard it has problems on the 8GB model, and 7 days is a long time to wait to use the phone haha

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    Hmm, reading one of the comments on the page it says in the compatability list..

    '65 Nokia N95 8GB - OK Cut A mode'

    So says that it is 'OK' but what the hell is 'Cut A Mode' lol

    cut a mode is u have to cut the simcard to fit the turbo sim ross;)



    I have one (2 infact) and they DO NOT work in the N95 8Gb.

    thats strange i have one for mine , and works perfectly nokia n95 8GB originally on vodaphone, now unlocked arrived this morning, if you have any problems they offer a replacement or refund your choice.


    the stars are a well known auction site
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