Unlocking Nokia 6280

Found 5th Nov 2006
a similar thread on the deal request board just reminded me: is it possible to unlock a nokia 6280 (on 3) yet? i remember a while back i went to a shop which said no one had yet cracked the software but to keep checking back...
and any idea how much 3 charge to unlock it? I'm going abroad at Christmas and don't want to pay ridiculous roaming charges so will just get a SIM when i get there....
any suggestions?
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Just tell 3 your off on holiday, they should tell you the code.
i'll try that. thanks!
hmmm not v happy

rang three... they want a deposit of ALL future line rental payments, now + a £15 unlocking fee, which comes to £223 altogether. I wasn't best pleased so I said I couldnt afford that. The adviser then suggested I activate international roaming (err i dont think so: £0.90 per minute to receive calls and £1.80 to make calls).

I've rang 3 times and spoke to three people and they've all said the same thing.

any other ideas?
get another phone company like virgin or o2
i dont know about O2 but with Virgin all you need to do is spend £30 with airtime and you can ask for your unlock code, iv done it loads as its better and easier to sell on Fleabay
do virgin mobile stores within virgin stores accept virgin megastore gift vouchers? i have some lying around...
I dont think you can use them to buy phones as its (in a way) a different sector of virgin.
I know it sounds daft but thats the way they work.
k... still not happy with 3 tho
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