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Found 17th Jan 2006
has anyone got any luck asking 3 (or any other network) to unlock their nokia 6630?

this is such not a new topic, a lot have been discussed here and MSE (and similar forum), but i want an answer (or solution)!

i have tried calling the 3 cs as many had done, got quite different responds each time.

one said, i could call again 11months into my contract and request the unlock code.

another said, 3 themselves don't issue unlock code, that i have to ask nokia for it (and of course we all know (from other threads) the lock is imposed by the network but not the manufacturer, and without one or the other this phone can't be unlocked).

is there any way i can approach, like going through ofcom?

can someone give me some advise? cheers.

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I've heard you have the right to have your phone unlocked, but this doesn't stop the network from charging you for it. At the moment there's no possibloe way to do it for free or even get it done by some mobile guy either.

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thanks duckmagicuk2.

i know it would incur a (small) charge. but it seems 3 are not giving customer the option to unlock their phones at all.

According to mobile forums I've read, 3 will do it before the contract ends at an extortionate price or at the end of your contract for free.

As far as I am aware the 6630/6680/N70 onward range has yet to be successfully "hacked", there are sites asking for people to submit mobile phone info to help narrow down the algorythm parameters to compile a working dct4 equivilant, should anyone get an unlock code from any network for this new range of Nokia phones I'd hope they'd contribute. (All perfectly legal as far as I am aware?)

For now on my 6630 (thanks to HUKD for the £70 profit 6630 "3 T&T 600 deal in November) there is a netmonitor nokia diagnostic program which lets u "2G" lock the phone very easily to stop calls dropping when going from 3G network to piggybacking on O2 2G network when not covered by 3.
Unfortunately I have lost the information on this now will post if it is wanted and if i find it or if someone else could oblidge.

My sister went to the 3 shop and asked about their 'walled garden' internet. They said that it would void her 3 contract if they removed it, but they would. I presume that means if you were on PAY-G they're remove the restricted WAP, but this was before they added the new £2.50 per month system.

I know that isn't to do with the unlocking but I thought I'd give you another example of 3 being awkward. They do give good valuse tariffs though.

Nokia 2g locked, treat CS as if they don't have a clue (ie double confirm everything on the account/you expect to help prevent screw ups) and 3 is just fine, as for the walled garden I've not tried, but considering how massive mobile internet access is going to be in the noughties 8), I cannot see that policy staying in place.

I know it's off topic but here it is nonetheless:


Download and install that on your 6630/6680+ Series 60+ phone:
On your nokia:
Open NetMonitor from menu
Select Options -> Change Display
Enter 8101 and OK
Select Options -> Execute
Enter 1 and OK
Phone will reset and start up with new setting ( you can check this in the network settings menu

I highly recommend you save these that, doing this locks your phone to 2G, which on 3 results in all your calls and everything else going via 3's backup/piggyback 2G network: O2.

Check O2 for their coverage and sitefinder.radio.gov.uk/fra…htm for all network coverage to see if this suits your use best depending on your work/home etc.

DISCLAIMER: DO NOT mess around inside netmonitor aimlessly unless u know EXACTLY what you are doing, it is Nokia's diagnostic engineering tool which I have heard can seriously mess up your phone.

PS: I have done the above to 4 "3" Nokia phones including my own with no problem, mast bar on screen clearly stating whether I am 2G or 3G and proved working.

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cheers schizoboy, i will definitely give it a try.

can someone explain what's the 'walled garden'?

It's where when you go on internet access on your 3 phone you can only access '3 content', in other words things like wallpaper downloads and account information.

You can now pay £2.50 per month which lets you access the internet on your phone, but still only about 500 websites chosen by 3 (such as eBay, BBC, etc).

Walled Garden as I understand it is the site-limited web access 3 provide, ie not real web access that everyone else provides (but some ppl have had their walled garden turned off, rarity though) but access to websites to try and sell u stuff and possible free/charable content sites, that 3 allow you access to which I imagine are handled internally or over special vpn etc.

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just going back to the topic.

have phoned 3 just now asking if they could unlock my nokia 6630. unfortunately, they are saying they are NOT ABLE to unlock any of the nokia handset.

they unsurprisingly ask me to ask the dealer, which was carphone. which i also have previously asked and nokia too, and they both said ask the network. so why isn't anyone taking up the responsibility? and just throwing customers around.

is there a breach of the contract or the ofcom regulations?

does anyone know how to approach ofcom or similar authority to raise a complaint?

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i have just managed to unlock my 6630 from 3. they charged me £15.

if you are 11mth into your 12mth contract. phone 3 to ask for the unlocking code.

good luck.


As far as I am aware the 6630/6680/N70 onward range has yet to be … As far as I am aware the 6630/6680/N70 onward range has yet to be successfully "hacked"

If you download the latest version of NokiaFREE Unlock Code Calculator (I have version 3.10) the Nokia 6630 is listed...............


i tried to get my 3 nokia 6680 unlocked by three as my contract was up , i paid £15 for the privilege and then when they sent me the code it didnt work , so they are refunding me the cash , so it nie impossible to unlock the nokia 6680 on the 3 network
hope that helps at least

I have this phone on T-Mobile, when I first got it I found it couldn't be unlocked. I phoned up T-Mobile and asked them to unlock it as I travelled abroad alot (I don't) and would be using local sims in the phone. Suprisingly they obliged with the unlock code for free.


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If you download the latest version of NokiaFREE Unlock Code Calculator (I … If you download the latest version of NokiaFREE Unlock Code Calculator (I have version 3.10) the Nokia 6630 is listed...............]http://unlock.nokiafree.org/

just tried that on my 6630 but it doesn't work. any luck with anyone?
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