Unlocking Nokia 6680

Diodorus this phone is IMPOSSIBLE to unlock. I am very literate in mobiles. This is the only phone that has never been able to be unlocked.


You can unlock the 6680, just not on 3 network.

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yea i mean this one lol, it is impossible to unlock this one as it is 3 firmware

you can unclock it, u need to call 3 and they will do it over the fone for £15

and will take a few days,
they will email you the unlock code with instructions

so unless someone buying it remains on three, otherwise it will be an useless brick

OR pay about 40 quid to get it unlock from .....somewhere

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you cant do 3 ones


No where can unlock the 6680 on any network, only the network itself i … No where can unlock the 6680 on any network, only the network itself i have one on vodaphone doing nothing, i've spent hours googling it.

3 mobiles can be unlocked :thumbsup:

Usually, cheapest option is to take to a shop. 6680 unlocking software is also available @ ebay for around a fiver (no cables needed).

Okay, the facts on unlocking a 6680.

It is a BB5 phone, which means there is no free unlock calculator. There is no purchase a cable and software unlock.

The market stalls and shops do not have the hardware to unlock these.

Who can unlock them. Nokia can, but obviously won't. The service provider can unlock it and will charge you for this. The charge depends on the provider and whether you are still in the first 12 months of contract.

Any other options? Yes, the database of codes have been stolen from both Vodafone and 3 and have been sold on. Credits for access to these databases are then sold on in bulk to the resellers/unlockers. The unlockers apply the imei number to the database and if it exists on there they get the unlock code.

This is how the remote unlocking is done and why it is only offered on Vodafone and 3 network.
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