Unlocking phones. Iphone 3G and HTC Wildfire

    My wife is getting an IPhone 3G on O2 and my son is getting an HTC Wildfire on 3 network. They want to swap sim cards so they can best make use of the minutes, texts, etc. Does anyone know if these phones can be unlocked so they can use the other network?


    the iphone can be unlocked depending on the firmware version that it has, but o2 unlock it for free if you're on a contract or £15 if PAYG, this is the better option as you can update the firmware without worrying..... as far as the other phone's concerned, hopefully someone else will chip in!!

    Yea the Wildfire can be unlocked via IMEI or direct


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    spit roast

    Yea the Wildfire can be unlocked via IMEI or directspitroast

    Can this be done online do you know? Free would be nice
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