Unlocking Samsung E800

    I just bought a Samsung e800 locked on orange and i want to use my O2 sim on it?
    Is there anyway to get the Network Unlocking code or do I have to take it to a phone shop?
    many thanks


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    no one

    call up ur operator and ask them..usually theres a charge but if they say no just say that ur going to another country that they never heard of for awhile

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    any example of coutries?

    I cant remember where the codes are, but I know that most samsungs can be unlocked via a load of code entries. It wouldnt be unlocked as such...but you can change the simlock to that of your choice. I ll see if I can find out for you.

    Try this:-
    Turn off the phone. Put a non-accepted SIM Card and turn it on. Type *#9998*3323#. Press Exit. Choose menu #7. After phone reboots type *0141# and hit the Call button. Turn off and insert another SIM Card. Turn on. The code is 00000000.

    if not try


    I found it on another site and it worked for a friend of mine.

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    when i put a non accepted simcard it sais Network lock and asks for a password.I cannot type * only numbers can be entered.

    the #*7337# works on the Samsung E800 as that's what I used to unlock my phone recently. I removed my sim card switched on the phone, give it a couple of seconds as it is a bit slow . It will say no sim emergency calls only (ignore this bit) then try and type the code in. You can enter characters you just have to be a bit patient with it.
    Once the code has been entered hang on for a minute - then switch the phone off and try your new sim. Just be patient this code does work

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    when i type #*7337# nothing happens i hit the call boton it says emergency only.
    when i put the new sim card in its again same message that appear. Network Lock.
    It doesnt say Sim Rejected Only Network Lock and space where to put a password.
    the phone is locked in Orange.

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    I used this one when no Sim is in and it said FULL RESET.
    Aparently it erases all the memory and used to unlock samsung only if it gives the message "Sim card Rejected" when putting a non acceptable sim.
    However mine asks for a Network unlocking code which i think has nothing to do with the actualy phone and Only Orange in this case can provide me with the code.
    Im not sure if i'm right but this is what i came up with after days searching on the web.
    Can anyone confirm this?
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