Unlocking T-Mobile Nokia 6300

Found 15th Jan 2009
At the end of my contract and switching networks. I want to give my Nokia 6300 away to a friend. The handset is locked to T-Mobile and my friend is on O2.

I was surprised when I phoned T-Mobile to find they want £15 to provide the unlock pin. I thought networks generally provided them free nowadays. Is this standard practice?
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Try using trycktill its free and should have your phone on there just follow on screen instructions.

There are no free unlock calculators for these phones... They are BB5, they can be unlocked using Testpoint or the new non testpoint procedure, typical prices are about £10 at most decent phone shops...

Free codes will not work and will only ruin your chances of unlocking the phone using a proper network code... You only have 3 attempts

* You can use a BB5 sim like the ones from dealextreme however these rely on a bug in the firmware, most newer firmwares wont work with these sims.

* You can get the unlock code from T-Mobile direct yourself

* You can get it unlocked from a phone shop

We where the first site in the world to offer free Nokia unlocking and I know for a fact the code calculators do not work on DCT4+, BB5 or BB5+ handsets....

It is ONLY Vodafone that provide the code for free and only after a certain time its usually £15 with them too
Thanks for the replies - much appreciated
No problem mate, hope it helps... Unlocking of these phones has gone down in price recently as they no longer have to be taken apart to be unlocked... You just need the correct equipment to do the unlock most decent shops should be able to do this for you in less than 10 minutes. However sometimes not all software versions are supported by the new method, so the phone might sometimes need to be flashed (ask them to debrand it for you as its being flashed anyway... Shouldnt cost you more), if this is the case, just back up everything using Nokia PC Suite, or copy everything to the memory card.
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