Unlocking Your Phone to any Network (external links)

    Unlocking Your Phone to any Network (external links)

    Here's some useful websites for unlocking:
    * The NokiaFREE online mobile unlocker
    * has some more powerful phone unlocking software, and information on how to unlock yourself via a cable.
    * Trycktill is another free code unlocking website.
    * WorldUnlock Calculator is an even more powerful unlocking program which unlocks many makes, however it is most successful with Nokia unlocking.
    * The NokiaFREE unlocking forums (other handsets as well as Nokia)
    * The GSM forum is a good place to ask questions about unlocking with a lot of knowledge available. Just make sure you don't ask too many silly questions - their barks are worse than their bite...
    * The Unlocker Forums are similar, they've also got a lot of know-how with these things and if it can't be done by code they'll help you find the cable.
    * GSM Support is a national unlocking centre for unlocking phones, however it isn't free and your phone needs to be sent away.
    * UnlockItFree is a great site for FREE Nokia DCT4 unlocking codes.

    REMEMBER: If unlocking by code you only get 5 attempts!! After that it can only be done by cable, so don't enter the same wrong code in more than once!! If you are having difficulty then seek further advice. An alternative to doing it yourself would be to go to a market stall/small shop that sells phone bit where they should unlock it for £5 - £10.

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    Other Mobile Phone Help Sites/Forums. (External Links)

    General mobile forums/sites:…um/

    Motorola focused sites:

    Nokia focused sites:

    Sony Ericsson focused sites:

    Smartphone forums:…idx

    UK Mobile Masts database:


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