Unlocking...can I....

put a vodafone sim (contract) in an orange (or non vodafone network phone) and will it work? I do not really understand it all?!

I am interested in the zte racer deal from three....can this be unlocked? I have internet in my bundle - will this work?


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Thanks...so what does unlocking do then?



If the phone is locked to orange (or any other network) only that network … If the phone is locked to orange (or any other network) only that network sim can be used in it, but some phones aren't locked to any network when supplied, so just try it and see if it works

Bit expensive to buy a phone just to see if it works

OP any phone from 3 will be locked to 3. I don't think this one can be unlocked, but aren't as up to date as I used to be so maybe ask in some local phone shops before you buy.

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So I should buy one unlocked sim free and it will work yes? Seen some others on Amazon OR can I buy a Vodafone pay as you go and that will work? Thanks


if you buy an unlocked or sim free it will work. If you buy a Vodafone PAYT and its a voda sim you are putting in it will work.
Almost all carphone warehouse phones are unlocked too
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