Unlocking&Jailbreaking iphone 3GS 32gb on O2

    Could anybody direct me to a reliable web site through which i can get this done for free.Have avaerage pc skills so would be able to manage if somebody would be kind enough to nudhe me in the right direction.
    Thanks and rep


    iclarified gives step by step instructions and gsm forum is a great website for assistance.

    the program blackrain is very simple to use but you will get all the help you need in either of teh websites listed.

    if you need any help let me know and i'll try to advise you

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    thanks a lot,reped

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    dont have the phone as yet coming tomorrow.would you think its a good idea to keep it/sell it?how much do they go for over here?

    over £500......

    but i have the same phone and i adore it.... i wouldn't change it at all.

    also, if its a contract phone, o2 are unlocking them for you is you ask, check it when it arrives tomorrow and if you're planning on selling it, don't open it, sealed boxes get more money ;-)

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    you are a star.yes its a contract phone but dont know whether its my type of phone as i like solid buttons and touch screen might be a bit too much for me

    as soon as you get the phone in tomorrow, fill in the o2 form that i've posted and request unlock, then when you sell it, it's a sealed unlocked phone. The buyer can jailbreak themselves if they want to.
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