Unlucky with dvd recorders.

    I cannot believe how unlucky I have been with dvd recorders! I'm on my third faulty one within the space of about 4 years. Ok, so I don't spend a lot - after all our main tv in the house is a 21" CRT; I just wanted a dvd recorder that would do the job. First one was a Toshiba from John Lewis that went kaput within 18 months so exchanged for a Samsung. That lasted less than 2 years. John Lewis didn't have anything in stock that I wanted so I got a refund (no complaints about them, great service). Bought an LG from Richer sounds, but that one would only display a picture as widescreen (on my tv a tiny narrow picture with large black borders). Then decided to get an hdd/dvd recorder with freeview and found one at Aldi last November (thanks to this site). It's had sporadic faults more or less from the start (but after the first 30 days). Records BBC1 when programmed to record a totally different channel, freezes when attempting to access timer menu, takes an age to recognise dvd's and now makes this loud whirring noise when turned on....GGRRRRR!!!! I'm not asking for much, just one that I can watch dvd's on and can record freeview on. Surely I'm not asking for a lot?


    Try my luck then, I have bought three different brand new dvd recorders and none of the three would actually record anything

    My friends had problems when they bought a Dvd recorded, we went for a HDD recorder in the end with DVD player, ive been trying to teach my parents how to use it but they dont seem to understand :lol:

    just buy a wont get any problems

    Join the club , I have three also ,my first a Philips , then a Panasonic ES10 ,then a Panasonic ES20 . Absolute rubbish ,I wouldn't waste my money on a one again .What I did buy was a Liteon HDD recorder , brilliant device with a 160g hard drive in , I use this all the time now . It also has a DVD recorder in too , to transfer stuff from HDD to disk , it works too using Allwrite technowlogy [writes to +/- disks]

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    Has anyone ever tried phoning Aldi? There aren't any phone numbers listed anywhere! I went back to the store in the end only to be told that I would have to phone the after sales support. I told the manager I wanted a refund and she assured me they would offer one, but if I had any problems to come back and the store would sort it out. Went home, tried calling and had to fill in an online form for a ring-back instead. They did call and I was told (surprise surprise) that I would get an exchange only. Went back to store again and she promised she would call head office to sort it. I specifically asked where I stood on a refund and she would only say that head office would not let me down (???). I just don't want another Tevion from them.

    If the goods are not of "merchantable quality" you are entitled to your money back under the "sale of goods act"
    tell the manageress this and dont leave the store without your money.....................
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